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Nestorion Hotel
Marina Flisvos Flisvos Marina provides a variety of fun and relaxation opportunities, while sport enthusiasts can enjoy jogging, walking and cycling in a calm and welcoming environment.
Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center The Stavros Nirchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC) project site is located 4.5 km south of the center of Athens, on the edge of Faliro Bay, and is designed as a multifunctional arts, education and entertainment complex.
The project includes the construction and complete outfitting of new facilities for the National Library of Greece (NLG) and the Greek National Opera (GNO), as well as the creation of the 210,000 m² Stavros Niarchos Park.
Athens Cultural Center Nestorion Hotel is located in one of the finest suburbs of Athens, with immediate access to all the landmarks of the city.
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Ο Δεκέμβρης της πόλης της ουτοπίας..


Ο Δεκέμβρης της πόλης της ουτοπίας..Και πάλι φέτος φίλοι μας θα επιστρέψουμε στον αγαπημένο μας Δεκέμβρη της πόλης - της ουτοπίας αυτή τη φορά όμως - και να του

Ζήστε την φιλοξενία και "αλλιως"..


Every year the Greek tourism fair GREEK EXPO TOURISM, which takes place at the exhibition center METROPOLITAN EXPO at the Athens airport is of great interest for tourism professionals. Among many events and programs we singled out the following: 1. PROGRAMME: «Come to

Κάτω από τη (ρῖνα) μύτη της Ακρόπολης.. Under the nose of the Acropolis ..


Under the nose of the Acropolis .. You do not need too much knowledge of  history or philosophy, but just a little curiosity and cultural interest and creativity to fill your time. This time we will suggest you a short visit to Kanellopoulos Museum while the tri-round Acropolis starting from Plaka

Σταθμός "Λαρίσσης" σημείο αποδράσεων και όχι μόνο / Main railway gate of Athens: Stathmos Larissis

Railway station Larissis

MAIN RAILWAY GATE "LARISSIS" TO AND FROM ATHENS   A train station is a significant touching point for travelers, Athenian citizens and neighbors .. We cannot say that Greece has striking and busy railway stations.. Apart from the new suburban .. The railroads were always delayed to be modernized in

Επισκεφτείτε την EXPO HOTEL 2015 και το Π.Φάληρο! - Visit palaio Faliro!

Tae Kwon Do indoor Stadium

Exhibition of hotel equipment in Faliro .. EXPO HOTEL 21-23 NOV. 2015 The gymnasium of Paleo Faliro welcomes the well known to the hotel tourist public annual exhibition HOTEL EXPO 2015. The exhibition in the very past years was hosted in Piraeus (OLP). So we are very glad this year to see the hotel

Εκθεση ξενοδοχειακού εξοπλισμού Exclusive exhibition for hotel equipment

Indoor Stadium P.Faliro

The Olympic Tae Kwon Do and handball Centre, or Faliro Olympic Complex is a ship shaped commanding Olympic construction which knew glory in the 2004 Olympics games. Since then is used as an exhibition center or as a place of meetings or competitions and other events. This year the EXPO HOTEL has chosen

Μια βόλτα στην οδό Ερμού.. pedestrian Ermou shopping street

Street Ermou

A walk along pedestrian street "Ermou" .. The "Hermou" street wears its "sweet" clothes  and is "going up" to ..Christmas .. The sweet temptation is very high (provocative we could say) .. Entertainers of youngsters with baby rally already caught position in Syntagma Square. Vendors took their position

Αρχαιολογικό 'Αλσος Ακαδημίας Πλάτωνος - Platos Academy

Platos Academy

THE ARCHAEOLOGICAL PARK OF PLATOS ACADEMY "The area today configured as an archaeological park is indentified with what antiquity was called the Akademe(i)a. The ancient Greeks linked this name with the mythical hero Akedemos or Hekademos. It was defined by the low hill of Hippios Colonus near todays

Εκλεκτοί επισκέπτες από την Ιταλία

Italian visitors

A sweet Italian couple visited recently Athens Palaio Faliro, for medical (*) reasons and stayed several days at Nestorion Hotel.. The visitors Pasquale and Silvana came from the Italian city Leuca. The couple owns a little company and they are artists too. They were

Βρείτε χρόνο.. τρέξτε.. κάνει καλό!

Hospital Metropolitan

Metropolitan Hospital doctors advise.. Specialists doctors after long studies inform us how beneficial is jogging in our spare time. In a population of about 50,000 people for 15 years recorded about 3,500 were deaths from all causes  and 1,200 deaths from heart ..Out of this population, 24% was recorded

Ανακαλύψτε το Π.Φάληρο και την Αθήνα..

Palaio Faliro

Dear visitors of http: //www.nestorion, +30 2109420820 e-mail visitors of the area of ​​Palaio Faliro (the starting point of the Athenian Riviera) region of Attica, Athens, Greece. ? Thinking for a good city break tourism in Athens

Παγκόσμιο πρωτάθλημα βετεράνων πάλης Veteran word wresting

Indoor Stadium P.Faliro

Many sports fans watching wrestling matches at the World Championship Wrestling of Veterans 2015. The games are played at the Olympic facilities of Paleo Faliro Indoor Stadium in Tae Kwon Do, which is very close to the Nestorion Hotel, Delta Falirou. At competitions

 “The staff were great, and the hotel was brilliant value for money. Breakfast included added a nice touch.”


Ωνάσειο Καρδιοχειρουργικό Κέντρο. Onasseio Hospital

Onassis Hospital (OCSC)

Onassis Cardiac Surgery CenterHeart DayHeart Day celebrated by the Onassis Hospital with a mild walking stroll in downtown AthensMild walk organized by the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center in Athens Sunday, September 27, 2015 at 11:00. Along with the chance of action which was addressed to the general

Φαληρικό Δέλτα Faliron Delta

Faliron Delta

Faliron DeltaA photographic walk round the Faliron DeltaPresenting the beauties of Faliron Delta, a few steps from Nestorion Hotel. See the 300 photos album.It was a nice evening between 6pm and 8pm when we decided to follow the path and specialty metal multi bridge to the south. At the same time some

Ο Πειραιάς σήμερα.. Piraeus today..


Piraeus today.. In its waters, many commercial and passenger ships and speed boats find a shelter each day to carry people to the magical Greek Islands. See photo album in the fb. The port and the city of Piraeus exist today, respectfully preserving the cultural heritage of centuries.. It is the largest

Στιγμές Αθήνας.. Moments of Athens


Moments of Athens ..Athens is a lovely city either daylight or night. Enjoy it with the starting point of Palaio Faliro and staying at NESTORION Hotel. After several years of low touristic movement, this year 2015 we saw strong turnout of visitors in Athens.Wherever one turns his eyes will see tourists

Το Εθνικό Αρχαιολογικό Μουσείο - The National Achaeological Museum

Archaeological Museum

The National Archaeological Museum of Athens is the largest archaeological museum in Greece and one of the most important museums in the world devoted to ancient Greek art. It was founded at the end of the 19th century to house and protect antiquities from all over Greece, thus displaying their historical,

NESTORION & ΠΟΛΙΤΙΣΜΟΣ 16-20/9 Nestorion & Culture


NESTORION & CULTURE 16-20/9 SOME OPTIONS THIS WEEK The force of lyricism and passion.. Week spirited of melodies, lute, concerts, festival after-party and artistic interventions .. Dates: 09/16/2015 ATHENS CONCERT HALL "Night confession" with Dora Bakopoulos The renowned soloist Dora Bakopoulos

Μουσείο Φρυσίρα.. Museum Frissiras, Plaka

Frissiras Museum

Frissiras Museum Naked truths.. If it was not Vlassis how we would learn the truth? A visit to Vlassis s Museum would not be great? map:, The Frissiras Museum, the only Museum of Contemporary European Painting in Greece, was founded in December 2000 and is a nonprofit organization.

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