Reception service: 24-hour front desk with telephone call center.
Breakfast buffet duration more than three hours.
Early breakfast is available
Nestorion Hotel
Marina Flisvos Flisvos Marina provides a variety of fun and relaxation opportunities, while sport enthusiasts can enjoy jogging, walking and cycling in a calm and welcoming environment.
Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center The Stavros Nirchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC) project site is located 4.5 km south of the center of Athens, on the edge of Faliro Bay, and is designed as a multifunctional arts, education and entertainment complex.
The project includes the construction and complete outfitting of new facilities for the National Library of Greece (NLG) and the Greek National Opera (GNO), as well as the creation of the 210,000 m² Stavros Niarchos Park.
Athens Cultural Center Nestorion Hotel is located in one of the finest suburbs of Athens, with immediate access to all the landmarks of the city.
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City guide

the budget hotel in athens

Ελληνες και ξένοι μαγεύονται στο Καλυψώ.. Calypso tavern (koutouki) at Palaio Faliro Pentelis 8

Calypso Koutouki

Original Greek food tavern offers a large variety of hors d oeuvres and tender well cooked meat main dishes which shall detain you forever! Calypso was a nymph in Greek mythology, who lived on the island of Ogygia, in which she keeps the fabled Greek hero Odysseus on her island to make him her immortal

NESTORION και πολιτισμός 7-13/9 Nestorion and culture


NESTORION AND CULTURE (Options) Dates: 09/13/2015 Eleonora Zouganeli Sunday, September 13 comes to VEAKEIO THEATRE PIRAEUS Hill Prophet Elias Piraeus, +302104194520 Start time: 21:00 Tickets: € 12 (presale) - 15 euros (fund). Dates: 09/12/2015 Madleaf

Syntagma Square is Athens central square


Syntagma Square is Athens central square. The name of the square is derived from a an uprising on 3 September 1843, of the people and of the guard of Athens before the then Royal Palace building, (what is now Parliament), demanding that King Otto grant a Constitution (Syntagma means Constitution), Syntagma

Οι τρεις φίλοι με τα moto..

Italian visitors

Οι 3 φίλοι   3 φίλοι στην Αθήνα έφτασαν με καμάρι, Ένα βράδυ με στρογγυλό φεγγάρι και αφού το καλοσκεφτήκαν προς του Φαλήρου τα παλιά κατευθυνθήκαν..   Και στου Νεστορίου

Nestorion και πολιτισμός Nestorion and culture


The September of the city: In this post we collect some cultural events which take place in our town Athens this week 2-6/9/2015 and we recommend them to our guests in order them to concrete their journey in Athens. Today Wednesday, September 2nd, FOTINI VELESIOTOU in its first extrovert concert with

Nestorion booking com rating: Fabulous 8.6/10!

August booking com rating: Fabulous 8.6/10 Score from 244 reviews “Very nice room, very good breakfast, very good location. The closest transportation to the city center is the bus, just a few streets away or also you can take a taxi (just 6-7 euro). The staff were very friendly, offering detailed

Παραλίες και ..διασκέδαση ..στα νότια.. Summer means relaxing life, enjoy south Attica beaches

Fan food drink riviera

Nestorion ( is located on the western edge of the Athenian Riviera. At this point begins the Avenue Poseidon along with the Vouliagmenis Avenue and the Athens Sounion Avenue ending in the beautiful Cape Sounion with the ancient Temple of Poseidon.

Nestorion culture and tourism


NESTORION CULTURE AND LEISURE This week 25-30/8/2015 Nestorion this week proposes the following events. The public relations manager can inform you and serve you further. Also Nestorion proposes this week two day trips: One day visit to Nafplio with Palamidi, walk in the city, swim at Kondili beach


Visit and photos from Palamidi

Nestorion escapes! A day excursion to Nafplion and Palamidi is very easy. Nafplio is 150 kilometers from Athens and Palamidi need two hours to run one. Two exhausting hours climbing the ramparts and discussing with the ..Venetian manufacturers, but also with the deep blue sea and sky is enchanting and

Το Παναθηναϊκό Στάδιο The Panathenaic Stadium

Panathenaic Stadium

"The Panathenaic  Stadium is located in the heart of Athens on the site of an ancient stadium and for many centuries hosted games in whiche nude athletes competed (gymnikoi agones) in track events, athletics championships as we would call them today. In the forth century BC, during the archonship of

How to come from airport to Nestorion

Transport airport, port

Dear visitor, it is a honor for us to welcome you.  Clicking on the links you get useful tips how to come to the hotel and other info in our web site. Briefly it is convenient to get the express bus X96 to Piraeus. After approximately 70

How to use a taxi in Athens

How to use a cab in Athens

Most taxis in Athens are relatively new and in a very good condition. They are clean and not very expensive. They are the most inexpensive taxis in Europe. The official taxis are of yellow colour and every taxi driver must have his licensee displayed on the board.

Οι τουρίστες αγαπούν την παράδοση - Tourists love local Greek tradition

Folk dances

In Athens since 1953 operates the dancing group "Dora Stratou". The group consists of 75 dancers and musicians It has recorded all the traditional dances from Greece and Pontus. It has collected more than 2,000 traditional (museum) costumes and many objects. It is a public-benefit institution subsidized

Αθήνα, Εθνικός Κήπος.. Athens.. National Garden

The National Garden

We are proud of our 169 unique photos in the special album of the National Garden in our fb. Hotel Nestorion proposes to visit the National Garden of Athens. Before we introduce it, and show you our own pictures of it, let us learn a few things with the help of internet. We read the great story of the

Μην χάσετε αυτή τη βδομάδα: 10-16/8/2015 Dont miss this week in Hydra Posporis's exhibition..


The Nestorion hotel every week proposes the most remarkable events that take place in Athens, Attica, and at the islands of the Saronic Gulf and in short distances from Athens. Customers of Nestorion can escape for a day from Athens or have fun at one of the events. The escape can be by taxi, rental

Μονοήμερη θεραπεία ευεξίας στο Λουτράκι.. one day thermal spa at Loutraki..

Spa Loutraki

Loutraki, is a lovely seaside town, very convenient for a day trip to the therapeutic best citys spa.  Contact: Loutraki, Thermal Spa, Georgiou Lekka ster. Twenty-four, Loutraki TK20300, 302 744 062 186,, But why we talk about Loutraki? Athens lately

..Περάσαμε υπέροχα.. ..we had a great stay!..

..We had a wonderful time..Alexandra ..  said about us on booking com..+ "Polite and helpful staff, located in the green, large clean room and bathroom with bath and free toiletries. Free wi-fi, air conditioning, flat screen TV, reasonable low price if you want to order in-room coffee, water, toast,

Τουριστικός Αύγουστος 2015 - Greece remains safe, hospitable and friendly


Greeks and foreigners, drink coffees in cafes, and go around the squares, ignoring "ugly" local or international news, Young people with dubious work, but possessing smart phones, pensioners with or without economies, Greeks look at the windows, new models of clothes and coquetry, and they cool at the

Η κλινική ΡΕΑ στα καλύτερα Νοσοκομεία του Κόσμου - Clinic Rea one of the best hospitals in the world

Clinic REA maternity

The REA obstetric gynecological clinic joined the list of the best hospitals in the world for the year 2015. The list issued by the diplomatic council, which falls at the UN in collaboration with the international TEMOS certification body. Clinic REA has been certified TEMOS quality medical services

Summer in Greece

Greek August

We asked the Greek August to talk to us and present its seasonal offers..(Google translation from Greek with some poetic corrections)August:"Dear friends..I am always a very hot month..however due to the south winds I am not always so friendly..But for Greece I stay always faithful..I hold in my arms

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