Sounion by the sea side road (Practical information)

Cape Sounion / Temple of Poseidon

Cape Sounion is the point of Attica land visited by thousands of tourists. On top of the hill several columns rising up yet, from the ancient temple of Poseidon. In this idyllic place you will come into contact with the endless Aegean Sea and a spectacular sunset in the late afternoon. Heres how you can get there from Nestorion Hotel.

1. local transportation, the bus stop "Onassis" every two hours, see time table. The journey takes less than two hours (with stops). Last route from Sounion via seaside is at 18.30. disembarkation stop "Planetarium" a few meters from the Netsorio Hotel.
2. Organized 1/2 day tour with daily afternoon service (15.00-19.00) (by Key Tours). Collection - drop off at the Hotel Nestorion (
3. By Ansa car rental one day ( Nissan Micra_1.2 / Hyundai i10 1.1 / Fiat Panda 1.2 / Small (Group: B) / 4 Passengers / 5 Doors / 2 Suitcases / Manual Transmission / Air Conditioning / starting from 36,00EUR / per day / Book this car

Specialist partner of Nestorion hotel can help you to realize this walk in the most economical way for you. The route is wonderful, with many opportunities for stops to drink ouzo, eat, and take pictures in Vouliagmeni lake or allong the coast of the Saronic Gulf. Click here to see great and unique pictures from previous visits in the photo album on face book of Nestorion hotel. We wish you happy moments during your holiday.