We asked the Greek August to talk to us and present its seasonal offers..
(Google translation from Greek with some poetic corrections)

"Dear friends..
I am always a very hot month..
however due to the south winds I am not always so friendly..
But for Greece I stay always faithful..
I hold in my arms with love the "Virgin Mary"..
And in the fifteen ( of August) at Tinos (island) I celebrate her..
I am full of holidays, sun and joys..
I leave the cities empty of people..  
with the exception of Athens, which they like in all races of the world..
On the beaches I organize twice a month full-moon nights parties..
For performances I have got renowned maestros..
For concerts I have got contemporary songwriters..
Mykonos and Santorini offer their life-style memorable moments..
I have got famous cooks (Kitchen chefs)..
And the most experienced housewives..
I have got my buffets full of delicacies..
And plenty of offers and fish - dishes..
On the matter of fruits I do not stingy..
I have got watermelons from Ilia (region near Olympia)
in all neighborhoods of Athens..
Tasty pears and blondes grapes from Corinthia..
For cruises in the Aegean I am unique..
Full of sweet dreams in summer night..
And ... Saronic Gulf sailing too much"..
Nestorius, 08/01/2015..
Palaio Faliro on the lips of Saronic Sea..