During 2016, several hundred guests have been accommodated at #NestorioHotel. With many of them we had the opportunity of a little talk about generalities, exchange of information, of experience, about philosophical or economical issues, travelers' impressions etc. It is nice always to get to know people from Greece or abroad. It is a dispersion of  knowledge from firsthand about what is happening elsewhere. The free movement of people on earth for personal, business and tourist purposes is a boon. Of course this is an advantage of those who have the means to do so and under peaceful conditions. We wish peace conquer all the earth one day. The boundless commercial competition between countries and continents wish to rationalize and to be submitted to conciliation and cooperation rules between peoples and not stranded again on any local or global abnormality. But we went too far from our microclimate which is called Athens, Faliro, Palaio Faliro which have a rich ancient history in Attica region. For Attica residents and the parties we will talk about, in an other article.
Here we want to thank especially those we met, those we had a talk, we had a drink or we went out at Faliro, in Athens, Piraeus or elsewhere. Our digital memory helps us to commemorate their presence here in a nice photo in front of the hotel or somewhere else. The media, the e-mail and especially fb provide us today easy an communication step with many friends and visitors and we will try to take advavantage of them little by little. Happy New Year 2017 then to all our friends and visitors. The operation and management team of #NestorionHotel.