On 23/2/2017 in our neighbourhood Palaio Faliro and Kallithea town, Athens,  took place a brilliant ceremony, the rehabilitation of the institution SNFCC to the Greek State that is Citizens through 3 Ministries, Economy, Education and Culture and Municipality of Kallithea.
Greek and foreign personalities and visitors listened to the remarks of the relevant leaders of the project and State and enjoyed the cool musical sounds and the artistic lighting productions.

In their speeches the representatives stressed out the importance of the project and the all round support to the institution SNFCC for further development. See official information from the website of www.snf.org

Nestorion Hotel adjoined  the evolutions in the  SNFCC, since the beginning of the works (2013) and hosted technical and scientific experts at times. The management of the hotel believes, that the SNFCC project constitutes for Greece, Athens and the historic Faliron sea board, a "New Era". Its vitality will be depend on the education of the Greeks citizens, who have to study in depth their history and understand that they have  to integrate it  the spiritual conquests of the XIX century as a continuation of V'  BC century's Greek civilization! Apart of it, future generations shall enjoy and take advantage of it, as a springboard for development and peace in the Mediterranean Basin in the future. The Faliron Point is fully offered historically to show that despite attacks of barbarians from the Sea (see Persian war, Xerxes) to destroy the Greek civilization, the Greeks retained and reconstructed their civilization, so now shall go ahead for Spirit, Art and Culture again!