The Hotel Nestorion +302109425010 is located at Paleo Faliro, street Pentelis 8, a few kilometers away from the Metropolitan Hospital and may serve visitors of patients of the Metropolitan hospital who want to stay aside for a few days. Distance 4 km, 6 minutes. The hotel phone is +302109420820, See part of the hotel activity on fb Nestorion Hotel or g+. We are waiting to serve you properly and economically. Because only we can do this. We have collected some information from the hospital website: Metropolitan Hospital is located on the central seaside avenue of Neo Faliro.
The Metropolitan Hhospital consists of 198 beds while covering all medical specialties and diagnostic laboratories. Metropolitan Hospital ranks today among the top hospitals in the country. The best proof of confidence expressed by the inflow of patients. The Metropolitan Hospital opting for hospitalization annually over 25,000 patients while visiting the Outpatient Diagnostics Departments and emergency department over 150,000 patients. The Hospital has modern diagnostic facilities, recent manufacture, which minimize the examination time, and the rates of invasive acts. For example, with the new generation of equipment the hospital can avoid invasive procedures such as coronary angiography with a CT scan. The hospital beds, which are considered the best in the world can take the chair position, pressing only one button.
CONTACT: +302104809000 Telephone, Urgent: +302104809199 e-mail:
ADDRESS: Ethnarchou Makariou & El.Venizelou 9 Zip : 18547 P. Faliro, Piraeus
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