Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Buffet self service 7-10 am.

Assortment of year round fruits or season's friuts,
Assortment of cheeses, including feta and gouda or other
Assortment of various starters such as hard boiled eggs, Greek olives
Assorted fried eggs, bacon, Frankfurt sausages, French toast
Assortment of instant coffee powders such as nescafé, cappuccino,
Assortment of flavors of teas
Desserts of yoghurt flavors
French filter coffee, fresh milk
Homemade little pies such as of cheese pie and sausage pie
Homemade cake flavors, chocolate, vanilla alternately
Pack cake, brioche, croissant, apple pies
Pack fruit juices, orange and others
Variety of cold cuts, ham, turkey and more
Variety of seasonal vegetables such as tomato, cucumber or other
Variety of standard servings of chocolate, jam, honey
Variety of cereals, fresh Greek bread, toasted bread, brioch

May the composition of the morning to change depending on the season and the market without warning