Faliro is a charming destination, a walk to St. Alexander street will convince you. Please see  photos.
Get the experience of Faliro. Locals are awaiting you. They are welcoming and attentive. Younger engaged in trade, restaurants, cafés sea. Shops are on the both sides of the main street of St. Alexander. Benches for rest every two steps. Older inhabitants  enjoy walking with their dogs gazing at the the windows or sipping coffee in Apollonius cafetaria bakery.
So it is time to decide. Where are you going to accommodate? but sure at Nestorion. Only Nestorion can inspire you to open your wings and visit the top 41 spots of the wider area of ​​Faliro. It has the means. Maps, Information, Media visit and guide you need.
Below you will find the name 41 points mentioned above. For whichever point we can give you on the spot specific information that helps you.

St. Alexander: Local main street, traffic calm, with market & church
Sports Olympic venues - Tae Kwon Do
Open spaces with greenery for walks and relaxation
Archaeological site, ancient port Falirou residue
Football Stadium Faliro
Olympiacos football stadium neighbouhood Piraeus
Holy Protection Church - Aghia Skepi
Religious Point St. Paul
Historic church St. George
Shipyards Faliro Faliro naval group
Marine Sports Facilities Kallithea, Sailing Club
Faliro Indoor Hall
Pools Faliro and Kallithea
Cylon of Athens, mass graves chained men from Ancient Athens
Faliron harbor
Faliro Marina
Marina Tzitzifies, Kalithea
Flisvos Marina
Cathedral of Agios Alexandros
Averof Naval Museum
Air Force Museum inactive
Hospitals Eye, Horacio, Athens Vision
Hospital Medical Center Palio Faliro
Hospital kidney patient
Metropolitan Hospital general
Hospital, REA, gynecological obstetric clinic, general hospital
Hospital, Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center
Shipping companies Maran, Onasis, Kostantakopolulos, Marmaras
Faliro playground for children with special needs
Shopping village Faliro jamboo, village cinema
Metropolitan park with playground
Beach beach Edem
War Cemetery WWII
Culture Culture Center Stavros Niarchos Foundation
Culture Science Planetarium Eugenides Foundation
Culture Cultural Center Faliro
Tram Station St. Skepi Athens Piraeus Voula
Trocadero tram station for Athens Piraeus Voula
Conference Centers Tae Kwon Do, Metropolitan Hotel, Planetarium
Restaurants, tavern, Gourmet restaurants, fast food, fish restaurants, coffee bars, kebab, alternative bars, shopping centers.
Peace and Friendship Stadium SEF