Reception service: 24-hour front desk with telephone call center.
Breakfast buffet duration more than three hours.
Early breakfast is available
Nestorion Hotel
Marina Flisvos Flisvos Marina provides a variety of fun and relaxation opportunities, while sport enthusiasts can enjoy jogging, walking and cycling in a calm and welcoming environment.
Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center The Stavros Nirchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC) project site is located 4.5 km south of the center of Athens, on the edge of Faliro Bay, and is designed as a multifunctional arts, education and entertainment complex.
The project includes the construction and complete outfitting of new facilities for the National Library of Greece (NLG) and the Greek National Opera (GNO), as well as the creation of the 210,000 m² Stavros Niarchos Park.
Athens Cultural Center Nestorion Hotel is located in one of the finest suburbs of Athens, with immediate access to all the landmarks of the city.
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City guide

the budget hotel in athens

Παλαιό Φάληρο για μικρούς και μεγάλους

Παλαιό Φάληρο για μικρούς και μεγάλους

ΕΝΔΙΑΦΕΡΟΝΤΑ ΣΗΜΕΙΑ ΓΙΑ ΠΑΙΔΙΑ ΜΕ ΜΕΓΑΛΟΥΣ: GYROS FALIRO CHILDREN. Hotel Nestorion, Πεντέλης 8, Παλαιό Φάληρο 175 64. Πρότυπος παιδότοπος Αγίας Σκέπης, Λεωφ. Ποσειδώνος

Σκεφθείτε Φάληρο Αθήνα για Γιορτές

Think of p.Faliro - Athens for Christmas - Offers

For Christmas New Year Think Faliro - Athens, Take part in festive events Visit the Cultural Center Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNFCC) Location rich in fun and sight seeing easy connection with Athens. Getaways in Attica. Accommodation in Hotel Nestorion from 40 €, and over 3

Δεκέμβρης 2017, Δένδρα

December 2017, Trees

December 2017 The trees speek We wish you a friendly month, We the trees on the ground rooted, We express firmly our decision, we face risks united together, Risks from unexpected storms Hazards from torrential rains, Hazards from predicted floods Hazards from fires & winds rays, We the trees evergreen

Από Βραζιλία Φάληρο

Have a nice October

It is impossible to develope in writing the friendly feelings of the hotel guests. Customers from many parts of Greece stay at Nestoriohotel. They come to visit the city of Athens, Acropolis, and museums. Health visitors come for health reasons to the very specialized clinics of Faliro - Kallithea such

Πολιτιστικό Κέντρο Ιδρυμα Σταύρος Νιάρχος

Niarchos like Janus

"Niarchos" like Ianus We found the following excerpt of Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center 's brochure very interesting: "The Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center is a manifestation of all the major distinctive elements that define RPBW's design and building philosophy. Renzo Piano's

Σεπτέμβρη καλωσόρισες September welcome

September welcome

September welcome, September from today and for thirty days forward. We can expect rather superb things. Certainly the thermometer will be more lenient towards us and forget the forties degrees Kelsium. Cars with their drivers and passengers returned from the holidays, plunged "unsatisfied" into the

Εκδρομή στην Κόρινθο / Excursion to Corinth

Excursion to Corinth

An excursion from Faliro to Corinthos The idea came suddenly. Corinth is there not far away (90km). Another trip to Corinth makes very good to you. This place has so much to tell. Many visitors loved it. Many have conquered it. The forces of nature struck it. But it resists. The ancient Corinth, the

Αθήνα τότε και σήμερα Athens past & present

Athens past & present

Athens of Past and of Present Athens very friendly city .. Acropolis is the host .. Goddess Athena hostess .. Αscend the steps of time slowly .. Leave your "dust" on the "holy" stones .. Parthenon: feel the breath of the goddess.. Caryatids are waiting to return to their old ages.. Faliro threshold

Τουρισμός και Φάληρο

Visit Faliro the touristic..

Why Faliro Athens' sea side? Faliro is one of the most beautiful cities very close to Athens. It is just 5 kilometers from the top monuments of the Acropolis, Parthenon, Erechtheion, Museums, HIstoric stadium. It also offers sea, beach, culture, marinas, hotels, hospitals, sports and conference facilities,

Φάληρο, Αθήνα, Ελλάδα

See from Faliro, Athens, Greece

Welcome to Nestorion Hotel. Thank you for sharing experiences and ideas through We want to help you choosing the tours that suit you during your stay in Greece. By choosing @nestoriohotel you have the opportunity to be near the sea, harbor and city center. We've created 3 graphs

Art Athina Gallery Carlye Los Angeles

Art-Athina 2017 Faliro

Art-Athina 2017 Olympic indoor Stadium Tae kwon Do Faliro Nestorio Hotel welcomed the Art Athina event in Faliro. It is an artistic event that highlights the works of art of Athenians and guests of foreign artists. The hotel is flooded with bright, optimistic faces of people who know how to evaluate

Καλό Πάσχα από το Φάληρο

Happy Easter

To #nestoriohotel wishes everyone Happy Easter in health and good mood To #nestoriohotel εύχεται σε όλους #ΚΑΛΟΠΑΣΧΑ με υγεία και καλή διάθεση


Τους μήνες τους αγαπούμε

Οι μήνες τους αγαπούμε γιατί μας εμπνέουν Κάθε 1η του μήνα περιμένουμε από αυτούς κάτι το καινούργιο, ευχάριστο και αισιόδοξο. Γι αυτό το λόγο αναζητούμε της φύσης τα

Φάληρο Υπέροχος Προορισμός

Wonderful Destination

Faliro is a charming destination, a walk to St. Alexander street will convince you. Please see  photos. Get the experience of Faliro. Locals are awaiting you. They are welcoming and attentive. Younger engaged in trade, restaurants, cafés sea. Shops are on the both sides of the main street of St. Alexander.

photovision 2017

Οι θεατές θαυμάζουν

Οι θεατές θαυμάζουν την ερμηνεία του θιάσου Μια σύγχρονη έκθεση με θέμα το θέαμα της φωτογραφίας και των εξ αυτής θεμάτων έχει εκατοντάδες αποδέκτες. Εμείς, την βρήκαμε

Πολιτισμός = Τουρισμός

Πολιτιστικό Φάληρο

Καθαρά, πολιτιστική, Δευτέρα στο Φάληρο Με τη ματιά του Νεστορίου Hotel Είθισται κάθε χρόνο να παρατηρούμε την γιορτή της Καθαράς Δευτέρας εδώ στα Φάληρα. Τα τελευταία


New era for Athens Faliro

On 23/2/2017 in our neighbourhood Palaio Faliro and Kallithea town, Athens,  took place a brilliant ceremony, the rehabilitation of the institution SNFCC to the Greek State that is Citizens through 3 Ministries, Economy, Education and Culture and Municipality of Kallithea. Greek and foreign personalities

Expedia Partner Cocktail

Expedia Partner Cocktail

Εxpedia, Athens Partner Cocktail 2017. Μία εξαιρετική εκδήλωση πραγματοποιήθηκε στις 2/2/2017 και ώρα 18.00 στη ναυαρχίδα των πολυτελών ιστορικών ξενοδοχείων των Αθηνών το Grand Bretagne. Επρόκειτο

From Athens to P.Faliro

Access to Faliro

Access to NestorioHotel After the Olympic Games in 2004, Athens public transport was greatly improved and visitors can move easily and quickly in any direction. Buses to Nestorion Hotel 1. The bus B2 from Academia Square (end) 2. The bus B2 from the Syntagma Square stop (tram stop) 3. The bus B2 from

Guests of Nestorion

Happy New Year 2017

During 2016, several hundred guests have been accommodated at #NestorioHotel. With many of them we had the opportunity of a little talk about generalities, exchange of information, of experience, about philosophical or economical issues, travelers' impressions etc. It is nice always to get to know people

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