Most taxis in Athens are relatively new and in a very good condition. They are clean and not very expensive. They are the most inexpensive taxis in Europe. The official taxis are of yellow colour and every taxi driver must have his licensee displayed on the board.

Nestorion calls for free a taxi for you. The taxi arrives in front of the hotel in 3-5 minutes to pick you up.

You can also take a taxi from a designated taxi stand or you can simply hail a taxi from the street.  Taxis are available at many major destinations like the airport and the port. Dont  try to hail a cab driving by at the airport you have to use the stand. An empty taxi should have the light on the top of the car on (only applicable at night) and also the light on the top right corner, on the cars screen.

Make sure you stand at the side of the road when you want to stop a taxi and hold your hand out. Once you get into a taxi, tell to the driver exactly  where you want to go and give him the address you are going to. Read the flag fall and pricing information carefully. When you get out, make sure you check the correct amount. pay the fees, check your belongings, then exit the taxi. The lowest fee for a short drive is 3.50€ even the taxi meter shows less.

Other information
-Tipping is optional
-A taxi is only allowed to transfer four people at a time.
-Smoking is not allowed in the cab.
-Seatbelts are mandatory by low if you are sitting at the front.