What we know about Rea Maternity Hospital GMK PEA?
That it has got the most skilled and friendly nurses, that has got the most modern laboratory infrastructure, that applies the most modern concepts for the care and support of patients, it has got the most modern and pleasant environment (suites, deluxe single rooms, double and triple rooms), that is among the most sophisticated and reliable
Breast centers with digital mammography and tomosynthesis, it has the most modern Fertility Unit and IVF with standard Quality and Safety. The juxtaposition of course services and workshops available to the GMK REA has no end to top the Obstetric and gynecological services, caesarean,
prenatal tests and gynecological ultrasound etc.

Nestorion Hotel is located close to GMK REA and provides full accommodation for patients, pregnant women and medical visitors. People trust the hotel for many years.
The Nestorion places great emphasis on comfort, cleanliness, breakfast (rich buffet) and human relations. It offers economical prices, provides many services
and covers many little needs of the to this
special clientele.
Access: From GMK REA street Pentelis 7 follow the street south to the Planetarium where you will see will see the hotel in Pentelis street number 8. Welcome.
Tip: we expect you to stay and serve you in a human and right way.
Make your reservation in time by phone or on-line.
The hotel gives priority to medical guests asking booking for Rea Hospital.