"Niarchos" like Ianus
We found the following excerpt of Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center 's brochure very interesting:
"The Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center is a manifestation of all the major distinctive elements that define RPBW's design and building philosophy. Renzo Piano's and RPBW's intimate, imaginative, Platonic and yes romantic relationship and understanding of materials; their humanism; their "obsessive" and vigilant vision of buildings as public spaces; their clarity and extraordinary use of light; and their firm belief that man-de structures should be the outcome of and engage in a continuous dialogue with their natural, historical and cultural environments that surround them.
When Rentzo Piano won the Pritzker Prize, Bill Lacy its then executive director, said among other things: "Renzo Pianos's body of work is reminiscent of the Roman God Ianus , represented by two conjoined heads facing in opposite directions, one looking forward, the other looking backward.." The Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center epitomizes Piano's Janus-like long and distinguished career, it looks backward toward the Acropolis, subtly engaging in a respectful architectural dialogue with one of humanity's greatest monuments, but it also looks forward towards the sea and the future, manifested in SNFCC's extensive use of innovative building techniques and material, and of cutting edge technology".

1. The SNFCC offers guided tours to the new Greek National Opera, the National Library of Greece, the auditoriums, and the back stage, the research reading rooms and the Stavros Niarchos Park.
2. For group tours of 12-25 pax, call 216 809 1004 or tours@snfcc.org
3.1 Agora Bistro:
Agora Bistro is the all-day focal point of SNFCC’s Agora, where visitors can enjoy everything from breakfast to dinner through a variety of Mediterranean flavors for all tastes. Opening hours: 08.00-01.00 daily
3.2 Canal Café:
The new proposition by the creative team behind Skoufa Street’s IT and the chef Andreas Lagou invites visitors to enjoy healthy gastronomy from morning to evening in a stylish minimalist venue overlooking the Canal. Opening hours: 09.00-01.00 daily
3.3 Food Truck:
Inspired by the latest in street food, Food Truck focuses on tradition and quality – the main offering is the gezleme, a Pontos delicacy made of traditional handmade phyllo pastry usually stuffed with spinach, fresh onions, feta cheese and mint. Opening hours: Monday–Thursday 11.00-22.00, Friday–Saturday 11.00-00.00 & Sunday 10.30-00.00
3.4 On Tour Coffee & Juice Vans:
Strollers along the Channel can find tricycles for coffee and refreshing juices to take away at the start of the SNFCC Agora. Opening hours: Coffee Van 09.00-19.00 daily & Juice Van 09.00-21.00 daily
3.5 Park Kiosk:
Park Kiosk offers refreshing juices, coffee, and a variety of tasty snacks to visitors enjoying the green at the Stavros Niarchos Park, or family moments by SNFCC’s Children's Playgrounds. Opening hours: 08.00-00.00 daily
3.6 Pharos Café:
Set at SNFCC’s highest vantage point, on the days when the Lighthouse rests between exhibitions and events Pharos Café undertakes to offer SNFCC’s visitors unique choices of beverages, drinks and cold dishes, to be enjoyed along with the splendid view. Opening hours: Monday–Thursday 09.00-00.00 & Friday–Sunday 09.00-01.00
4. Accommodation: Hotel Nestorion at the neighborhood 5 min walk.