The Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC) is a "miracle"
for Greek infrastucture data. Another cultural "Acropolis" stands proud at the "feet" of Athens, not in opposition to the classical, but extension. The idea of Athens now as a site of visit of the modern and the ancient Greek civilization is significantly enhanced.
The SNFCC after completion of its construction was delivered by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation in 4 state institutions who undertook the operation and management.

Nestorion Hotel from the beginning of the construction of SNFCC promoted the cultural activities of the Centre. Nestorion Hotel became a little ambassador  of it to every hotel guest. Nestorion Hotel hosted dozens of technicians and managers of the project and helped Mrs Simoneta Christiano filming the progress of the works of the Centre. Hundreds of photos of the landscape of the project and around and the sea front are taken by Nestorion. Today Nestorion Hotel intends to promote further SNFCC in the local and the international tourist market. Thus Nestorion Hotel is capable of providing suitable accommodation with quality and excellent service to its guests. Single and double rooms. Buffet rich breakfast.
Drinks, snacks, service, wi-fi, parking etc.


1. SNFCC is a new destination for locals and visitors to Greece.
It will extend the tourist season and the interest for he historic center.
2. SNFCC will help transforming Andrea Syngrou Avenue in a cultural Avenue, where will coexist  4 cultural centers: The Acropolis Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, the Onassis Cultural Center "Stegi" (sgt), the Eugenides Foundation (Planetarium) and the National Opera with the National Library.
3. Greece internationally will be projected by the SNFCC's activity.
Greek and foreign scholars will hasten to work in modern classical and
digital National Library.
4. Regeneration of the coastal front is going to be carried out.
5. New financial tools for projects and services will be added.
Directly coastal municipalities of  Piraeus, Palaio Faliro, Kallithea, Tavros and New Smyrni, as well as hotels and other businesses will take benefit with the creation
of this new cultural pole.