The Exhibition "gold" 26-29 / 6/2016 did not pass unnoticed by the Athens art lovers. The "Art-Athina"  is a pioneering international exhibition that highlights what most contemporary is happening in art. Dozens of artists presented their works. Hundreds of visitors, art agents, dealers, gallery owners, artists, professionals and amateurs explored and spoke with the creators, have made their choices and demarches..
We quote a passage we liked very much from the brochure of Depo Darm .. "The modern man, as a result of alienation and loneliness felt by giving the daily battle to safeguard the achievements and maintain his dignity in a difficult socio-economic environment, feels all his values to be under question. The artists participating in the group exhibition dealing to some extent this situation, supplying the viewer with dilemmas challenge of modern life and trends reclaiming lost rights and personal freedoms, promoting a feeling of euphoria and identification with a state supreme spiritual victory: "as long as we have faith in our own cause and an unconquerable will to win, victory will not be denied us (WSC)."

Supplementary we note that the exhibition Art-Athina is organized every year in the indoor Taekwondo Olympic Stadium Delta Falirou. The Olympic Stadium is 1 km walking distance from Nestorion Hotel. The area provides infinite space walk from the Kallithea Olympic Infrastructure, Kallithea marina, marina Tztzifies, NOK, Water Square or Plateia Nerou in greek, Cultural Center Stavros Niarchos Foundation, Paleo Faliron harbor with its small shipyard and the One day Tour cruise ships, Museum Battleship Averoff, Marina Flisvos, Flisvos Park, and other interesting points, such as traces of the ancient harbor of Palaio. Parts of the wider region deserve more attention and care from the state. The majority however, as the playground for children with disabilities, the new indoor Gym Palaio Faliro are excellent.
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