Art-Athina 2017 Olympic indoor Stadium Tae kwon Do Faliro

Nestorio Hotel welcomed the Art Athina event in Faliro. It is an artistic event that highlights the works of art of Athenians and guests of foreign artists. The hotel is flooded with bright, optimistic faces of people who know how to evaluate art and win the attention of visitors to the show. Visitors travelled from Central Europe, Germany, Hungary, Romania USA and other countries to exhibit works of painters and inventors of smart handmade works.

The hotel staff offers its best service to make them feel nice. Hotel issued special brochure with the visiting points of Faliro and Athens and how to get to them. Faliro rejoices at the presence of so many notable celebrities and celebrates in its own way and Athens strengthens the artistic back ground and of course its tourist potential.

The Acropolis wins the interest of visitors and gives them its glamor. Nearby the Acropolis Museum. The old city of Athens Plaka, Monastiraki and Psiris are known in advance to everyone. The Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center is also another powerful point of view of Faliro and of all of Athens. Many do not fail to visit it. From there they can see the Acropolis, Kastella, the sea, Hymettus mountain.

Visitors stood out for their intimacy and friendly attitude, personalities such as Reka & Peter, Bucarest Gallery Every One needs Art. They visited the Acropolis, and stayed in Athens for many days. The variety of trees around the Acropolis enthralled them, which invited us to dedicate a large number of related photographs

Sweet Carlye Packer from Los Angeles, brought us the aura of the progressive spirit of the Pacific coast and the audiovisual innovations it proposes. Lover of Greece and of Greek writers and poets (Nanos Valaoritis, M.Kastoriadis) as well of holiday islands, this year preferred the beautiful Paros. She was interviewed by us see video in the face book..

Anca Negescu, Artfooly Gallery from Bucharest, Romania. Artfooly Gallery  A dynamic gallery that has been very successful in Central Europe. The specialty of the creators who made such a show with the social media sketches made a special impression
Petra Martinetz,  from Cologne, Germany. Petra unfailingly and patiently proffered but also worked the creator's novelty. She was interviewed by us see video, see video in the face book.

Certainly many other notable personalities made their apperience but is impossible to talk about.

We thank everyone warmly for choosing Nestorion Hotel for their accommodation in Faliro Athens during Art-Athina 2017