We are proud of our 169 unique photos in the special album of the National Garden in our fb.
Hotel Nestorion proposes to visit the National Garden of Athens. Before we introduce it, and show you our own pictures of it, let us learn a few things with the help of internet. We read the great story of the Garden and struck us both the dream conceived by creators and also the reality today. We decided to make a tour of the Garden and to take photographs of known and "unknown" corners. In our next tour we will explore the  inside of the garden photographically..
The garden is open to the public from the East to the West of the Sun. The main entrance to the park is from Amalias Avenue. There are six other inputs in the garden: one of Vassilissis Sofias Street, three entrances of the street Herod Atticus and two from the area of ​​the Zappeion park. The garden ponds with ducks, a small zoo, a cafeteria, a library and a children s playground.
Henry Miller wrote for the National Garden in 1939: "The park remains in my memory more than any other park I have visited in my life. The essence of a park is like when someone looks at a painting or dreaming to be in a place but can never go".
Hotel Nestorion - Palaio Faliro is 15 minutes from the City Centre or the National Garden.
(***) map https://goo.gl/maps/NMrvW