Reception service: 24-hour front desk with telephone call center.
Breakfast buffet duration more than three hours.
Early breakfast is available
Nestorion Hotel
Marina Flisvos Flisvos Marina provides a variety of fun and relaxation opportunities, while sport enthusiasts can enjoy jogging, walking and cycling in a calm and welcoming environment.
Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center The Stavros Nirchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC) project site is located 4.5 km south of the center of Athens, on the edge of Faliro Bay, and is designed as a multifunctional arts, education and entertainment complex.
The project includes the construction and complete outfitting of new facilities for the National Library of Greece (NLG) and the Greek National Opera (GNO), as well as the creation of the 210,000 m² Stavros Niarchos Park.
Athens Cultural Center Nestorion Hotel is located in one of the finest suburbs of Athens, with immediate access to all the landmarks of the city.
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City guide

the budget hotel in athens

Sea and History

Hotel Nestorion is situated in the heart of a neighborhood near Athens, where big ship companies have their pilot headquarters and very important hospitals offer precious therapeutic treatment to Greek and Foreign patients. In this neighborhood soon will be met education,

Myth of Athens

To Nestorion αποτελεί μια σταθερή αξία στο χώρο της φιλοξενίας. Eίναι μέσα στο 2014 κτιριακά φρεσκαρισμένο και ενισχυμένο λειτουργικά, πολύγλωσσο,


Carnival 2015 in Athens. Have you ever thought to do Halloween in Athens? It is time  to decide. Accommodation at Paleo Faliro. This year Athens offers joy, merrymaking, feasting, culture and tradition through the carnival events which will unfold from February 1, 2015


Accommodation: Nestorion Hotel, Pentelis 8, Paleo Faliro Reservations: +302109420820 Path: HORECA (Metropolitan expo center airport of Athens) offers to owners and managers of hotels and resorts a panorama of the latest developments,


Good morning, happy month February from team. Ο Γενάρης και ο Φλεβάρης της πόλης. Αντίο Γενάρη με τα χιόνια, τα κρύα και τις βροχές σου! Αντίο Γενάρη με τις αντιφατικές σου λαϊκές

Carnival in Athens

Το Nestorion προτείνει ένα ευέλικτο προϊόν που ο κάθε ένας από οπουδήποτε μπορεί να συμμετάσχει με ελάχιστη συμμετοχή στην ομάδα των οχτώ (8) δωματίων και άνω. Το τελικό πρόγραμμα διαμορφώνεται ύστερα από την έκφραση των επιθυμιών σας.


Accommodation: Nestorion Hotel, Pentelis 8, Paleo Faliro Reservations: +302109420820 Route tram: Route bus: Route by car: From January 30 to February 2, 2015 at the Olympic Fencing

Hotel for exhibisions

Nestorion hotel is a family run hotel 5 min from the center of Athens and 35 min from the Metroplitan expo center. The hotel is situated in Palaio Faliro, Pentelis str. 8 and is easily connected with the expo center with X96 Pireas airport bus 500 m from the hotel bus stop to Metropolitan "Agia Skepi"

Tae Kwo Do Olympic Stadium

Once again Nestorion has won the sympathy for the hospitality, care and concern shown by its staff for guests from Northern Greece and especially from Thessaloniki.Pictured politicians tourists who took part in their political event Olympic facilities Stadium Tae Kwon Do (Convention Center) at Faliron

Happy the New Year

To Nesrtorion Hotel εύχεται Καλή Χρονιά με Υγεία, Μαγεία, Αγάπη, Δύναμη, Γαλήνη, Ταξίδια εντός κι εκτός, Αφθονία, Δημιουργικότητα, και κυρίως με Ελπίδα και Πίστη στη Ζωή!!! σε όλους:

A rainy day at Palaio Faliron

Βρόχινη μέρα νιώθουμε (30/12/2014) χαρά που σώθηκαν και θλίψη για αυτούς που χάθηκαν αισθανόμαστε νεφοσκεπή ουρανό βλέπουμε θαλπωρή και καλές τιμές προσφέρουμε τις

Christmas, New Year

“Hotel NESTORION is a hidden treasure of Athens. It is not only a very reasonable price, but first of all location, staff and atmosphere. You really feel there like at home. The staff is very helpful in finding the best places to see and the best restaurants to eat, so visitors do not waste time and

Fish tavern Psarades

Discover the quite hotel Nestorion at Palaio Faliro with an excellent bed and breakfast stay and Psarades restaurant dor gala dinners Christmas and New Year Discover area of marina Flisvos, Park of Paleo Faliro, Delta Falirou, others sea Marinas and enjoy a nice Excursion to cape Sounion! Suggestion}

Metropolitan Hotel

Enjoy a stay at Palaio Faliro town with accommodation in Nestorion Hotel, Pentelis 8, phone +309425010 in moderate prices. http://www.nestoriohotel.grSavour superb gala dinners in Christmas and New Year in the restaurants of Metropolitan Hotel click here to see the offers :


We submit a g+ translation of the greek text presenting a tour in the near by the hotel tavernas, restaurants and bistros which are open on Christmas and the Eve of the New Year. See fotos in the album 35 in the face book of Nestorion Waiting for Christmas and New Year (

Erotic festival Faliro

The Indoor Stadium Tae Kwon Do is one of the leading sports infrastructure of  Paleo Faliro, Athens Greece constructed during the times of the Athens Olympic Games 2004. The building dominates the eastern part of the of Delta Faliron and resembles to an ocean liner! In front extends the harbour with

Greek expo tourism 2014

EXPO exhibition


Metropolitan EXPO

GREEK TOURISM EXPO METROPOLITAN EXPO, Athens- Greece. The International Tourism Fair “GREEK TOURISM EXPO” invites you to visit Greece.  The Exhibition will take place in Athens, and will present all types of tourism products offered in Greece and sellers from every sector of the travel

Tae-Kwon-Do exhibitions

Once you have decided to come to Greece, region of Attica, Athens, town P. Faliro to participate in one of the events or exhibitions held several times in the year in Faliro Olimpic Complex or in the so called Olympic Stadium of Tae Kwon Do, lasting more than one day, you need a nice, fair and cheap

Onassis Cultural Centre

The hotel Nestorion is located at Paleo Faliro, street Pentelis 8, five kilometers away from the Onassis Cultural Center may accommodate visitors of expositions, congresses and events of Onassis Cultural Center. The hotel phone is +302109420820, Transportation is assured through

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